Which Instrument Is Right For Your Child?

Which Instrument Is Right For Your Child?

If you aren’t really sure which instrument is best for your child to take up, read on and learn about how to make the right choice of instrument!

All instruments fall into a category of either strings, woodwind, percussion or brass.

String Instruments

These include violins, violas, cellos, double bass and guitar.  These instruments often are available in smaller sizes for children, and you can easily source beginner setups which are relatively low cost to start off with.


Woodwind instruments include flute, clarinet, oboe and bassoon. Again, these can be found as relatively low cost starter instruments.  The oboe is more difficult that the flute or the clarinet.  Some instruments naturally lend themselves to transitioning to another instrument, such as the flute or clarinet might lead on to playing the saxophone.


Any drum lessons are percussion.  These are good for high energy children!  A drum kit can be an irritant to many parents however, so be warned!


Trumpets, trombones, french horn or tuba falls into this category.  These are some of the more difficult instruments to learn, as the method of making the sound can be a challenge to pick up.