Welcome to Russ Davies & Mr Dove's Music Schools, Plymouth & Ivybridge

Our music schools in Plymouth and Ivybridge offer tuition for musicians of all ages and standards, with qualified music teachers and an excellent record of achievement. Our expert music tutors include guitar teachers, piano and keyboard teachers and drums and percussion teachers.

Our guitar teachers are Rob Williams and Nathan Austin. Our drum teachers are Russ Davies and Todd Antill. Our piano / keyboard teacher is Russ Davies.  

The instruments covered and services provided at Russ Davies Music Schools include:

Anyone can be taught to play

  • Electric Guitar
  • Acoustic / Classical Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drum kit / Orchestral and tuned percussion
  • Keyboard / Piano
  • Get started for £25 for the first 4 lessons! See below
  • Music school studios in Plymouth and Ivybridge

Special Offer

Kick off your music career with a great offer on music tuition - the first four lessons at RDMS are available for just £25 with no strings attached (no pun intended...), during which you can decide between individual lessons or paired group lessons & negotiate allotted time with your teacher.

Our lessons are 30 minutes in duration, but we can consider longer periods if so required. We provide Group and Individual lessons.
Pricing is as follows:

RDMS has been established over 20 years and continues to offer the highest standard of instrumental music tuition, using only expert and qualified tutors. Contact us now to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss your requirements.

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